To all competitors,



We are pleased to announce Longton DMC has recently joined the SD34 Motor Sport Group in readiness for the 2018 season.

The SD34 Group was founded in 1964 to help promote co‚Äźoperation between the motorsport clubs of the northwest. It took its name from the SD34 area of Ordnance Survey maps. This area included the Longton, Clitheroe, Caldervale & Mullard 2300 motor clubs who were the founding members. The four members became six, then ten. Today there are over nineteen member clubs.

This opens up exciting opportunities for LDMC members, both competitor and marshal alike. The SD34 calendar of events is extremely comprehensive and covers almost all disciplines of motor sport. Membership of SD34 will allow club members to enter a wide range of events.

What may be of particular interest to our competing members is the SD34 MSG Sprint and Hillclimb Championship. This particular championship has gone from strength to strength in recent years and includes an excellent selection of events.

Along with the championships for the various disciplines there is the Inter Club league which promotes friendly rivalry between member clubs. LDMC will be joining the inter club league in Division C, but will be looking for promotion to the higher divisions. The positions in the inter club league are determined by the points totals of individuals who score points for themselves as well as their club.

Registration for the various championships within the SD34, along with pages of information about the group are available from the associations’ web site: where you will also find a link to Spotlight magazine which, for those who have not seen it, provides an absolute wealth of amazingly useful information and is published and updated on a regular basis: Inside the February edition of Spotlight you will find detailed information regarding all the group’s championships along with a registration form.

Our competition secretary, Steve Norton, is one of the first club members to register for the SD34 Sprint and Hillclimb championship for 2018, so why not follow his lead. Have a look at the group’s web site and get yourself registered for one of the championships.


SD34 Motor Sport Group