Longton’s Northern Speed Championship Awards 2012



Paul Masters

NEH Trophy & replica, plus £300


Roger Fish

Longton Second Overall Trophy & replica, plus £200


Michael Bellerby

Dutton Forshaw’s Directors’ Trophy, replica, plus £150

4th Russell Thorpe

Dutton Forshaw’s North West Trophy, replica, plus £125

5th John Graham

Russell Spence Trophy, replica, plus £75

6th Martin Rowe

Award, plus £50

7th Brian Walker

Award, plus £40

8th Alan Sawyer

Award, plus £35

9th Andrew Steel

Award, plus £30

10th Craig Powers

Award, plus £20


Longton’s Champion of Three Sisters – Trophy & replica Roger Fish
The Bagatelle Shield & replica
Highest placed Saloon Car in the Championship
Russell Thorpe
The Amalco Shield & replica
Highest placed Sports Car in the Championship
Roger Fish

The Albert Atkinson Memorial Trophy
Highest placed Kit Car in the Championship

Micheal Bellerby

The New City Motor Factors Shield & replica
Highest placed Racing Car in the Championship

Paul Masters

The Longton Shield & replica
Highest placed Road Going Car in the Championship

Martin Rowe

The Bill Turner Trophy & replica
Highest total of scores on the Hills in the Championship

Eve Whitehead

The Dave Render Trophy & replica
Highest total score at Sprints in the Championship

Brian Walker

The D & J Russell Trophy & replica
Highest placed Novice/Newcomer in the Championship

Vic Lord

The Autotune Trophy
Character of the Championship

Barry Whitehead

The R’obe Pist’n Broke Trophy & replica
The biggest Whoops in the Championshipe

Eve Whitehead

Consistency Award: East-West Pennine Trophy

Simon Bingham


 Longton’s Sprint Series Awards 2012


Tim Nunn

Allan Staniforth Memorial Trophy & replica + 1 free entry to an LDMC event in 2012

2nd Jim Walsh

George Hardman Memorial Trophy & replica + 1 free entry to an LDMC event in 2012

3rd David Welton

Jack Neal Memorial Trophy & replica + 1 free entry to an LDMC event in 2012